Sensory Builder: Calming Cascades (Set of 4)

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  • This set of 4 cascading sensory tubes provide a beautiful and mesmerizing visual  – each Calming Cascade is unique and provides a different experience for soothing entertainment. Simply flip the tube over and watch the show.  Once it finishes, flip it again for endless entertainment!
  • 4 Unique Calming Cascades: Silver Glitter Bomb, Multi-Color Bubbles, Green Spiral,  and Yellow + Blue = Green Mixer
  • Self-Regulation – Calming Cascades can be used to help children with anxiety, ADHD, high stress, low frustration tolerance and hyper-activity to slow down and focus on their emotions so they can better interact with their environment
  • Occupational Therapy Tool – Recommended for sensory rooms, calm down corners, to sit on your desk, or even for moments of zen on the go
  • These sensory tubes are helpful for relaxing, calming and de-stressing.  They can also provide visual stimulation during a sensory break
  • For children and adults, these beautiful tubes are attractive, and captivating for all!