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The WhisperPhone® is an acoustical headset that helps children and adults focus and hear the individual sounds of words more clearly as they learn to read, spell and process language aloud. WhisperPhone is ideal for helping young learners develop their reading and spelling abilities and for developing new language skills. 

When a user speaks, the WhisperPhone® collects, concentrates and conveys the user’s voice directly into the ear. The direct route from the mouth to the ear improves the signal-to-noise ratio so users can hear themselves more clearly.

The WhisperPhone Element is a handheld version of the WhisperPhone which is perfect for early learners or those with tactile sensitivity who prefer to hold their WhisperPhone vs. wearing the Solo headset.

  • Available in Single Unit
  • Class Pack of 12
  • Assorted Color Pack of 12
  • Multi Pack of 48
  • Multi Pack of 144

Does not require batteries. Dishwasher safe for cleaning.