Sensory Builder: Puzzle Piece Chewy Jewelry Necklace


Set of Two (Blue and Pink)
$ 9.99

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Our Sensory Builder: Puzzle Piece Chewy Jewelry Necklace features thick, durable, textured silicone that is perfect for providing sensory and oral stimulation, focus and calming, and a safe and sanitary outlet for teething and biting needs. 

  • The Sensory Builder Chewy Jewelry is perfect for children, teens and adults. 
  • The chewy textured silicone is ideal to provide sensory stimulation for those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, autism, Asperger's, biting issues and more. 
  • All of our silicone jewelry is made from thick, durable silicone and it provides different sensory stimulations on each side to satisfy more sensory needs. 
  • Safe, non-toxic silicone is perfect for teething babies, children and adults. 
  • Chewy Jewelry can used discretely at school, home, camp, or anywhere else chewing occurs. 
  • Silicone is washable in warm soapy water to provide a safe and sanitary, long-lasting alternative to chewing on clothes, nails, pencils or other small objects. 
  • Available in Pink, Blue or a Set of Two (pink and blue).  These necklaces can be worn alone or joined together.