Sensory Builder: Wedge Cushion


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Lean-in Learning Promotes Forward Progress!  Our Sensory Builder: Wedge Cushion is a perfect solution for children who have a tough time sitting still, need help with posture or balance or want tactile stimulation. Parents and teachers like that the seats calm the hyperactive child in school and at home during dinner and homework. Cushions have shown improvement in children with vestibular issues, improved behavior for children with ADHD, ADD and other focus and attention issues, and autistic children. The seats are also great to help with posture and reduce back strain from sitting for long periods. Wedge cushions are safe for children 3 years and older, and are certified free of latex and phthalates.

The cushions are customizable. One side of the cushion is a smooth surface, the other side has slightly raised "bumps, " so you can choose between receiving tactile input from the bumpy side, or sitting on a smooth surface. You can also inflate or deflate the cushion to suit your child’s preferences.

Ideas for use: great portable alternative to a ball chair or wobble stool that can be used in school, home, clinic or travel.

  • Research show that correct sitting posture reduces fatigue and back, shoulder and neck pain, which increases comfort and focus.  Combining good posture with the ability to wiggle a bit helps kids be ready to learn!
  • Our wedge cushion is designed to help position kids in a ready-to-learn posture.  Inflatability allows kids to shift in their seats in a non-distracting way, encouraging attention and participation.
  • Customizable - comes inflated but can be adjusted per your child's preferences.  One side is bumpy and the other is smoooth offering different sensory input options.  
  • 10" x 10", made from PVC, latex-free.  Ideal for ages 3 – Teen.  Fits most chairs and classroom seating.
  • Durable construction will stand up to years of use.