Link4fun Fruits & Vegetables Flashcards

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See, Touch, Listen & Learn. Learning is enhanced when multiple senses are engaged!

With Link4fun Flashcards, kids use physical flashcards to enrich their iPad experience and to learn beyond the screen.

Research shows that when more sensory activities are involved, lessons are better absorbed and more neural pathways are formed. With the Link4fun Fruits & Vegetables Cards, kids are:

  • grasping and tapping the cards for larger motor movement
  • scanning left and right across the physical cards spread-out in front of them
  • listening to the words from the iPad
  • looking at the colorful pictures
  • reading new site-words. 

The Fruits & Vegetables pack of cards includes 24 Link4fun Cards, 12 picture cards and 12 word cards, as well as the free iPad app with 8 different learning activities that teach picture matching, word matching, site reading and new vocabulary.