Link4fun Farm Animals Book

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See, Touch, Listen & Learn. Learning is enhanced when multiple senses are engaged!

Link4fun has created a brand new interactive children's book experience that feels nothing short of magic! All you do is lay your iPad next to the book... no wires, bluetooth, wifi, or any other physical or technical connection required. Turn the pages of the book and the app comes to life! 

Educational App StoreThe corresponding app to the Link4Fun Books set, our Link4Fun Books App received a five-star review and certification from the Educational App Store! Check out an interactive demo.

Research shows that when more sensory activities are involved, lessons are better absorbed and more neural pathways are formed. With the Link4fun Farm Animals Book, kids are:

  • turning real book pages for better gross motor skill building then just tapping a screen
  • listening to the engaging narrative on the app to build attention and learn valuable content 
  • looking at the beautiful pictures in both the book and the app
  • clicking, dragging and dropping to build a variety of fine motor skills
  • even uploading their own photos and videos to stimulate creativity and a sense of agency
Combine this beautiful photo book with research-based, digital learning activities. Children can dive deep, learning animal habitat, diet, physical attributes, fun facts and new vocabulary. There's even a video on each animal, and new animal photos sent to the app on a regular basis.