CARD Picture Cards Kit 2

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The Center for Autism Kit 2 is a comprehensive collection of 6 specialized picture card sets, meticulously designed to support students advancing through mid-level lessons in their ABA therapy program. This kit serves as an essential resource for both parents conducting in-home programs and professionals in clinical settings. With this kit, you ensure that as students progress, they have access to the necessary tools to continue their development at an optimal pace. Each card set in Kit 2 is tailored to build upon the foundational skills acquired in introductory ABA sessions, making it an invaluable asset for fostering continued learning and skill enhancement.

Kit 2 includes:

Language Builder: Picture Nouns

The Language Builder: Picture Noun Card set is a crucial asset for early ABA therapy programs, offering vital vocabulary through 350 striking, photographic cards in nine key categories including animals, food, vehicles, and more. Each card is carefully selected for its role in cognitive development, guiding students from matching to labeling and categorization. Robust and easy to handle with a hi-gloss finish, the set is meticulously organized with divider cards and customizable stickers, making it an essential and engaging tool for fostering language development.

Language Builder: Picture Nouns 2

This is a 354-card follow up to the introductory Language Builder Picture Nouns set, designed to provide advanced vocabulary for students who have excelled with the original set. These photographic noun cards cover a wide range of categories including body parts, tools, sea life, and more, ideal for activities like labeling, sorting, storytelling, and understanding concepts like adjectives and functions. Durable and consistently presented, these cards are a perfect complement to other Language Builder Sets, enhancing educational experiences in diverse learning environments.

Language Builder: Verbs & Action Words

The Language Builder Verbs & Action Words flash card set includes 230 cards that vividly depict a variety of action words. These cards, consistent with the Language Builder series, display current, familiar images in natural settings, with context clues for easy identification and lively discussion, showing people from various ages, genders and ethnicities engaging in a range of common activities. This variation in actors also allows for practice learning gender, pronouns and full sentences. The card set is an excellent resource for expanding vocabulary and teaching verb recognition.

Language Builder: Emotions

This 80-card set from the Language Builder Program is an effective tool for helping students identify and discuss a wide array of feelings and emotions. The cards feature actors aged 1 to 70 from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, depicting both clear facial expressions of basic emotions (happy, sad, angry, surprised, disgusted) and realistic, emotion-provoking scenarios in natural settings. The back of each card is a resource for instructors, offering labels, numbered references, and suggested activities and conversation starters to enhance emotional awareness and social skills. 

Language Builder: Occupation Cards

This set of 115 cards depicts common jobs with both male and female representations, avoiding stereotypes and encouraging discussions on different careers. Each card is presented in a natural setting with context clues for easy identification and engaging discussions on community roles, future aspirations, and everyday encounters with professionals. Designed to aid in vocabulary expansion, gender identification, and pronoun usage, these cards also serve as excellent prompts for conversation, storytelling, or writing. 

Language Builder: Sequencing 

    Introduce your students to the concept of sequencing and logical event order with this engaging set of 116 full-color photographic cards. These cards, with a strong focus on self-help skills, depict common, everyday activities through various sequences ranging from three to ten cards. Starting with simpler 3-card sequences, students can progressively advance to more complex 10-card sequences. Ideal for teaching storytelling, understanding future actions, learning verbs and tenses, and as prompts for self-help skills, this set is a versatile tool for enhancing cognitive development and narrative skills.