Careers Bingo

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  • Traditional bingo meets beautiful real-photo images!

    Bingo is a long-time favorite in the classroom and at home. Careers Bingo combines the tried and true fun of bingo with beautiful real photos of 50 different common jobs and occupations. Kids won’t even know they’re learning while they search their players’ cards to match the beautiful photographs with the words called by the instructor. With 36 cards, the game is perfect for both home and classroom use.

    Includes FREE Picture Recognition Bingo Caller's App to transform your Bingo Game into 6 Languages. Great for ESL!

    Each card offers a random assortment of 25 different pictures of jobs, occupations and community helpers. Each image has the word printed below the picture. No two of the 36 cards are alike. The game contents include:

    36 Durable players cards 50 calling cards
    Caller’s mat Cardboard bingo chips
    An instruction sheet Durable box for years of fun

    The most unique feature of Stages’ Careers Bingo game is the offering of men in the career image on one side of the card, and women in the career image on the other side of the card! Students can choose to play the side of the card with which they identify. Or, perhaps the teacher can ask all the kids to play one round with the pictures of the men in the career, and the other with the picture of the woman in the career. What a great way to teach students that every job can be done by every person!

    Careers bingo is a great word/picture recognition, as well as a perfect supplement to any social studies chapter focusing on jobs, careers, and community helpers.

    This Careers Bingo game is suited for 2 to 36 players, ages 3 and up.

  • Downloadable Instruction Manual PDF