Target & Distractor Words

Target & Distractor Words


Within the Word List for Identical Matching, Similar Matching and Receptive Labeling you have the ability to choose TARGET words and DISTRACTOR words. TARGET words are the actual words you will be practicing. DISTRACTOR words are the other words which will appear in the field from which your child will be able to choose.

Word List
Screenshot of the wordlist

In Practice

How will the settings on the left effect the presentation of the cards in practice? Well, you see that the Apple and the Airplane are marked as TARGETS and the Blank Card is market as a DISTRACTOR. This means that in Identical Matching the student will first be asked to match the Apples against the Blank Card and then be asked to match the Airplanes against the Blank Card. The student will NOT be asked to match the Apple against the Airplane.
Contrast the above with the way the cards will present if we choose the Apple as a TARGET and the Airplane and Blank Cards as distractors. The student will only be asked to match the apples. The Airplane and Blank distractors will rotate positions, depending on your Positioning and Repetition Settings, but the student will NOT be asked to match either the Airplane or the Blank Card.

To help you understand the order in which TARGET and DISTRACTOR cards will be presented in the actual drills, visit the page on the Positioning and Repetition Settings.