The photos are what you would expect from Language Builder—Colorful, realistic and varied.

-Joyce Olson, SLP

The Language Builder app is great. I use it with kids of all ages to address receptive and expressive language goals. It is easy to set up and complete trials addressing a variety of goals.

 - Meredith Krimmel, SLP

I really like the fact that we have the option of controlling the reinforcement. I have had kids in the past who are motivated by the negative reaction, so it's a great feature!

- Julie Carey, SLP

We have always used the Language Builder cards as part of our curriculum. I think my kiddos are going to really enjoy this new app!

- Melissa Marie, ABA Outpatient Therapist

I have over 60 students on my caseload with a wide variety of disabilities. We work on vocabulary quite a bit and we have used the Language Builder Cards very often. I'm looking forward to using the app with all of my students now!

- Jenny Felty, BCBA

Looking forward to implementing this app with my kiddos at clinic!

- Liz Quinn, Master's Student

I work at a bilingual centre-based ABA program in Montreal. I'm also a PhD student in Educational Psychology at McGill. I work with about 20 young children with autism, all with a great variety of skills, and we are eager to see how the app can benefit a multitude of kids with different abilities.

- Hayley Vininsky, Therapist and Student"Looking forward to implementing this app with my kiddos at clinic!"