Receptive Labeling

Receptive Labeling


In the Receptive Labeling activity students hear a word spoken by the iPad and then touch one of the displayed pictures to show that they have recognized the word and can find the corresponding picture.

Getting Started

There are a variety of settings you can modify to control flow of the Receptive Labeling activity. To choose Target and Distractor Words and other settings for the Receptive Labeling activity, go to the settings menu using the link at the top right of the Main Menu, and choose Receptive Labeling from the left side menu.

Image identifying the button to tap to access the settings for receptive labeling

Receptive Labeling Word List

Screenshot of the word list selections and how they translate into the game
The words selected at left would present like this

NOTE: even if you have chosen words for other activities, you have to choose words for this activity separately.

To select the words you want your student to practice in the Receptive Labeling activity, tap the word list menu on the top right of the Receptive Labeling settings screen.

The Receptive Labeling Activity comes with 90 images from the Language Builder Basic Stage Set. Additional word packs can be purchased using the Purchase Cards link.

To select a word as a TARGET word (ie the word you will actually be teaching your student), tap the word once and a check-mark will appear. To select a word as a DISTRACTOR word, tap the word twice and a D will appear. At left we have selected Apple as a TARGET with Airplane and Ball DISTRACTORS

More on Target & Distractor words: click here.

Video Tutorial