For the Identical Matching, Similar Matching Receptive Labeling, and Sorting activities you are able to select how you would like your student to be prompted for INCORRECT responses.

    The Prompt section lets you determine:**
  1. The type of prompt you want your student to receive for incorrect responses.
  2. How many times you want to allow your student to make an incorrect response before they are prompted.
  3. How many more incorrect responses you want to allow before escalating the prompt.
  4. How you want to fade the prompt (lessen the intensity or remove completely).
  5. And, how many correct, prompted responses you want to require before fading the prompt.

In Practice

Consider the Prompt settings chosen on the screen shot below for the Identical Matching activity:

  1. Type of prompt = Fade Distractor
  2. Number incorrect before first prompt = 2
  3. Number incorrect before escalating prompt = 2
  4. Prompt fading = Lessen Intensity
  5. Number correct before fading prompt = 1

If your student gets the first trial wrong, they will be presented with the exact same trial again (no prompt), because you have chosen to allow them to get two (2) incorrect responses before prompting (see setting number 2 above)

If your student gets the second trial wrong also, the next trial will be a prompted trial, based on your selection of allowing 2 incorrect responses and then prompting.

In setting number 1 above you chose to use the prompt "Fade Distractor" (as opposed to "Remove Distractor" or "Highlight Target), so the Shoes Distractor has been faded to a lighter color for this trial, making your student's selection a little easier.

If your student gets this third, prompted trial wrong, the next trial will be prompted at the same intensity.

This is based on your selection in setting 3 above to "Escalate the Prompt" after 2 incorrect responses.

If your student gets this trial wrong, the prompt will escalate for the next trial, based on your selection of allowing 2 incorrect responses and then escalating the prompt.

Notice the Shoes Distractor has faded to an even lighter color for this trial.

If your student got one more trial wrong the Shoes card would disappear completely.

If your student gets this trial correct, what happens next depends on your settings in numbers 4 and 5.

According to our settings above we chose to Fade the prompt by "Lessening the Intensity" rather than "Removing the Prompt" completely. And we chose to do this after 1 correct response at the current prompt level.

So the Shoes in our next trial appear a bit darker.

If your student gets this trial correct also, the prompt will fade completely and they will be back to the original unprompted trial with fully visible distractors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this will be the first trial that will count toward the pattern in Positioning and Repetition. For the sake of determining the rotation of the cards, only a fully unprompted trial counts. PROMPTED TRIALS are CONSIDERED INCORRECT for determining position and repetition.