Picture ID

Picture Identification

Screenshot of Picture ID


The Picture Identification activity is intended to allow the student to scroll through words which you select from the word list and simply hear them paired with a voice identification and text word, if you choose.

This activity appears to be similar to the Expressive Labeling Activity, however in Picture Identification, the iPad offers the spoken and text label for the word, while in the Expressive Labeling Activity the student is expected to generate the word.

Picture ID Word List

The Picture Identification Activity Word List comes with 90 images from the Language Builder Basic Stage Set. Additional word packs can be purchased using the Purchase Cards link.

The pictures will be presented in the order in which they appear in the word list.

Screenshot of Picture ID

Picture ID Settings

To choose words and settings for the Picture Identification Activity, go to the settings menu using the link at the top right of the Main Menu, and choose Picture Identification from the left side menu.

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Screenshot of the settings panel for identical matching