October Newsletter | 2017

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October 2017 Newsletter

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Helping Children with Autism Develop Friendships

Friendships can have a major impact on wellbeing and personal growth, yet building new relationships can be anxiety provoking for adults and children alike. So, imagine how hard it can be for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), who may struggle to perceive social cues and respond in conventionally acceptable ways. As a result, they may have few friends and shy away from conversations or other interactions.



A Parent's Guide to Supporting Siblings of Children with Autism

A family's bond is one of the strongest, purest forms of love. Each component is essential - parents, siblings, and extended family. When we consider a family consisting of a child with autism, the familial ties become increasingly vital. Parents and caregivers definitely become surrounded by more demands than anticipated and have limited time for other tasks and relationships. There is also a heavy reliance on extended family and friends for physical and emotional support.

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Tips and Strategies for Helping Children with Autism Develop New Routines

With difficulty making sense of their surroundings and feelings of anxiety, children with autism often develop routines and rituals to have some form of order and structure to their lives. Everyday routines such as washing and teeth brushing are generally consistent. There are times, however, when routines change during events such as fire drills, field trips, and special occasions.



First Person Autism: Review of Netflix Series Atypical

About two weeks ago, I began to watch the show Atypical on Netflix. This is a program that was of great interest to me, as it is about an 18-year-old high school senior who is living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The plot revolves around this young man (Sam) as he tries to find a girlfriend and have an intimate relationship for the first time. 



Autism in the News:

How the world is changing for travelers with autism
CNN, September 26.
Wanderlust doesn't discriminate. It creeps up on lifelong homebodies, blossoms in the hearts of grumpy teenagers and pushes those who "can't afford it" out the door, bank accounts be damned.
Because traveling the world is for everyone that means that none of us should be surprised to hear that those on the autism spectrum get itchy feet, too.
CNBC, September 7.
Amidst the media hubbub of the new presidential administration, autism was back in the news. Well-known vaccine skeptic Andrew Wakefield attended one of President Donald Trump's inaugural balls; Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental attorney and outspoken critic of vaccines, claimed that Trump had asked him to chair a commission on "vaccine safety and scientific integrity," though seven months after those initial reports no concrete plans for such a commission have been made public. 


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