November Newsletter | 2016

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November 2016 Newsletter

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Work Environments and Accommodations for Employees with Autism
It is common knowledge that people with disabilities tend to experience higher rates of unemployment and underemployment. Many employers seem to be unwilling to give disabled individuals a chance when they feel that their company’s success is at stake. However, according to the latest employment statistics, autistic adults are the most unemployed group when all individuals with disabilities are compared. Read More ....

Parents Guide to Bullying for Children with Autism

There are three types of bullying: verbal, social, and physical. All three types of bullying can have serious, long-lasting effects on children. Therefore, it is important to teach children the appropriate strategies to deal with a bullying situation should they ever encounter one.  Read More ....

Lots of Ways to Learn with the New Language Builder Blocks!
Along with the release of the Language Builder Blocks, we have created 4 great lesson plans to use in your classroom or autism education program. These lesson plans use the blocks to teach math and engineering skillsteamwork and communication, improv storytelling, and number skills.   See them all here!

Author Catlaina Vrana Shares Her Thoughts on Her New Book “Ella Autie”

Ella Autie is a book about autism, SPD, dyspraxia, neurodiversity and friendship. During this story, we follow Ella (a non-verbal autistic 4th grader who has a lot to say) through her school day, and get to see a glimpse of what being autistic and having SPD and dyspraxia is really like.  Read More ....


Autism in the News:

The Guardian, November 11.
An increasing number of companies are recognising how recruiting ‘neurodivergent’ people can bring a whole range of skills and abilities to a workforce. Read More ...

Growth factor levels may be elevated in children with autism.

Spectrum News, November 11.

Children with autism have increased blood levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), according to a new meta-analysis. This protein spurs the formation of neuronal connections, or synapses, which may be unusually abundant in individuals with autism. Read More ...


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