May Newsletter | 2015

May Newsletter | 2015

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Safe Strangers

Teaching Stranger Safety to Kids with Autism

By Jenna Wharff, Ed.M.

Teaching kids with autism about strangers is challenging. They do not always pick up on the subtleties of social interactions as easily as their typically developing peers. Using a visual representation such as circles can help kids to identify and appropriately interact with a variety of "safe" strangers throughout their community. Read More ...

Picture ID Lesson Plan

"Picture ID" Lesson Plan

By Jenna Wharff, Ed.M.

Students learn the names of objects by looking at pictures of the objects on a card and simultaneously listening to the spoken label of the same object. Skills practiced include receptive language, picture identification and photo discrimination. Read More ...

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Free Occupation Cards

Free Occupation Cards!

Down load 8 FREE full-size Language Builder Occupation Cards to use right away in your Autism Education Program! We were careful to choose cards that feature a variety of recognizable professions, including gender identification, from the Language Builder Occupation Cards set.

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Spotlight App

Kid in Story Book Maker

One of Parenting's expert-recommended iPad apps for autism, Kid in Story Book Maker makes it easy and fun to create visual stories to support learning, social modeling, and early literacy with your child as the star character. This app is specifically designed to engage children with special needs.

Designed for both
iPhone and iPad
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Sex Differences Take Center Stage in Autism Special issue

Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative., May 29, 2015. By Paul Raeburn.

One of the most consistent findings in autism, and perhaps the most perplexing, is that it affects about four boys for every girl. This sex bias has become a hot topic in autism research. Read More ...

Autism Truths and Myths: The State of the Science May 6, 2015. By Francesca Happé.

Autism is a myth-magnet. You can barely look at a newspaper, magazine or newsfeed without finding something about autism: a new "miracle cure," a claim that "the gene for autism" has been discovered, or talk of scientists creating autistic mice. The reality, of course, is very different. Read More ...