Identical Matching

Identical Matching

Screenshot of the identical matching activity


The Identical Matching activity teaches students to match identical pictures of familiar objects. This is generally one of the first drills taught in an ABA or DTT program; and this is where we suggest starting with a child who is new to the Language Builder App. Even students whose academic skills are more advanced, may benefit from learning to work on the iPad on a simpler activity where they have a high opportunity for success.

Image identifying the button to tap to access the main menuUsing the word list and settings you can control which cards your student practices matching and which distractor cards they will use, as well as the order and position in which the cards are presented, how your student is prompted and the instructions and reinforcement they receive.

Image identifying the button to tap to access the settings for identical matchingTo choose words and settings for the Identical Matching Activity, go to the settings menu using the link at the top right of the Main Menu. Once in the settings menu, choose Identical Matching from the left side menu.

Word Lists

Screenshot of the word list

To select the words you want your student to practice in the identical matching drill, tap the Word List Menu on the top right of the identical Matching Settings Screen. The menu will expand to show all of the words with thumbnail previews.

The Identical Matching Activity Word List comes with 90 images from the Language Builder Basic Stage Set (6 examples of 15 different words).

At the bottom of the word list you can choose to view the words alphabetically or by category. When in category view, tap the word to expand or contract the category.

To select a word as a TARGET word (ie the word you will actually be teaching your student), tap the word once and a check-mark will appear. To select a word as a DISTRACTOR word, tap the word twice and a D will appear.

More on Target & Distractor words: click here.


Screenshot of the settings panel for identical matching

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