February Newsletter | 2016

February Newsletter | 2016

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Autism and Art Therapy

Autism and Art Therapy: Four Beneficial Treatment Options

By Grace Chen

For more than 70 years, creative arts therapies such as visual art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, and drama therapy have been used in psychotherapy or counseling with individuals of all ages, particularly children. A credentialed professional who has completed an approved program in a specific creative arts therapy specialization can help build life skills and promote healthy self-expression in children with autism. Read More...

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What Happens Next?

Coming Soon! Our new Language Builder Sequencing set will help your child learn self-help skills starting with simple 3-Card sequences and building all the way up to 10! Help your child learn "what happens next" for daily activities, and also practice verbs, tenses, and storytelling with 115 full-color photographic cards: the newest addition to our Language Builder Series. Pre-Ordertodayand get 12 advance-release cards you can download, print and use immediately!

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Bingo Card Generator

NEW! Stages Learning Bingo Card Generator

All New School Tool! Print Real Photo Bingo Cards to use today! Choose from FREE sample Bingo Cards or custom Bingo Shapes Cards, or use our Bingo Wizard to customize your own Foods and Transportation Bingo Cards. Choose your photos, choose the number of rows, choose the number of columns. Print cards for your whole class for pennies a piece!

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What Just Happened Lesson Plan

What Just Happened Lesson Plan

Today, we'll help students learn to verbalize an inference about the events leading up to a visual scene by explaining "what just happened" in response to visual cues. Read More...

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Spotlight App

Chill Outz

An ever increasing body of research points to the effectiveness of how mindfulness helps children to calm down, make better decisions and pay attention. The Chill Out® mindfulness techniques help emotional regulation and cognitive focus via five individual characters and their stories.

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Neuroscientists Reverse Autism Symptoms

MIT News, February 17, 2016. By Anne Trafton.

Working with mice, MIT researchers have recently shown that they can reverse some behavioral symptoms of autism by turning a missing gene back on later in life, allowing the brain to properly rewire itself. Read More...

Should All Young Children Be Screened for Autism?

CNN, February 16, 2016. By Shefali Luthra.

Sparking strong reaction from doctors and child development experts, an influential task force says there's "insufficient evidence" to argue definitely that the benefits of screening all young children for autism outweigh the harms. Read More...