Expressive Labeling

Expressive Labeling

Screenshot of Expressive Labeling


The Expressive Labeling Activity allows students to speak the word that represents the picture on the screen. This activity DOES NOT have voice recognition capability and DOES NOT deliver reinforcement.

Getting Started

The Expressive Labeling activity requires therapist participation. Why? Because the pronunciation range of verbal responses may vary so greatly with students with autism, that they require successive shaping by the instructor. For example, when you first teach the word “Apple,” you may accept just the vocalization “Ah” as a correct response. Then you will gradually shape that response to the word “Apple.” Accordingly, we have opted to give you control over the reinforcement for this activity The program will provide the pictures and the command, you will need to gauge your student’s response and provide positive or negative reinforcement as appropriate. When you are satisfied with your student’s response, provide your reinforcement, then use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to advance to the next target.

Expressive Labeling Word List

This activity does not use DISTRACTOR Cards.

The Expressive Labeling Activity Word List comes with 90 images from the Language Builder Basic Stage Set (6 examples of 15 different words). Additional word packs can be purchased using the Purchase Cards link.

The pictures will be presented in the order they appear in the word list.

screenshot of word lists and options for setting word lists
screenshot of word lists and options for setting word lists

Expressive Labeling Settings

Screenshot of the settings panel for identical matching

Video Tutorial