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Primary Users Free Basic Pro
Parents & Educators who want to try before you buy
Educators & Caregivers
Schools & Agencies
Activities Free Basic Pro
Identical Matching
Similar Matching
Receptive Labeling
Expressive Labeling
Picture Identification
Key Features Free Basic Pro
Number of Images Included 90 90 600+
Set Target & Distractor Words
Choose Positioning & Repetition
Choose Prompts & Prompt Fading
Choose Commands & Reinforcers
Save Settings
Unlimited Number of Users
Track Student Progress
Additional Word Packs Available via In-App Purchase N/A
Add Unlimited Custom Images
Add Unlimited Voice Commands
System Requirements Free Basic Pro
Apple iPad
iOS Version 8.3 or later 8.0 or later 8.0 or later
Pricing Free Basic Pro
Cost Free1 $39.992 $119.99
1 Ability to upgrade to Basic and Pro versions via in-app purchase.
2 Ability to upgrade to Pro version via in-app purchase.

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