April Newsletter | 2017

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April 2017 Newsletter

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STAGES NEWS: Information, Resources & More!


Introducing Language Builder®: ARIS!
ARIS combines the tried and true Language Builder® Picture Card sets with 3D manipulatives, lesson plans, classroom implementation system, baseline assessments, and behavior management tools for the most complete Early Autism Education curriculum available today. Pre-order now for Fall 2017 delivery. 

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Helping Children with Autism to Communicate & Recognize Emotions
Think about the different ways that you recognize the emotions of others in your daily life. Do you focus on their facial expression? Their body language? Or their tone of voice? While some of us may do these things in our daily lives without thinking twice, for children with autism it is often difficult to communicate their emotions and recognize the emotions of others.  Read More ....
Wandering & Autism: 6 Strategies to Prevent Wandering Behavior
Wandering or “elopement,” a common behavioral occurrence among children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), refers to the tendency to leave a safe, supervised space or caregiver and subsequently expose oneself to potential danger. Wandering is both tragic and terrifying for parents, given that drowning and wandering-related behaviors are the top causes of death in the ASD community (Rice et al., 2016). Read More ....

Autism Awareness Month: History and Today
Each year during the month of April, individuals and organizations across the globe celebrate Autism Awareness Month with events to educate local communities and raise public awareness about autism. Almost 50 years have passed since the Autism Society held the first National Autism Awareness month in April of 1970. Since then, autism has become the fastest growing developmental disability in the world, with the diagnosis rate of children with autism increasing from 1 in every 2000 children in the 1970's and 1980's to 1 in every 68 children today.  Read More ....


Stages Learning wins Mom's Choice Awards!

We are excited to announce that both the Link4Fun Books and Language Builder® Blocks App for iPad have been selected as a winner of the Mom's Choice Awards. The Mom's Choice Awards recognizes the best products in family-friendly media, products and services.

Order your own Link4Fun Books here and download the Blocks App FREE here!

Autism in the News:

CNN, April 19.
The airport security line has become routine, if still stressful, for most travelers these days. "Shoes and belts in a plastic bin!" TSA officers shout. "Laptops in a separate bin!" Lines snake through the terminal. Frustrated passengers anxiously check the time as they inch closer to the glass and metal X-ray scanners. It can be tough for even an experienced traveler, but for those with developmental disabilities, including autism, the experience can be overwhelming.
Harvard Health, April 20.
At our son’s 18-month checkup five years ago, our pediatrician expressed concern. Gio wasn’t using any words, and would become so frustrated he would bang his head on the ground. Still, my husband and I were in denial. We dragged our feet. Meanwhile, our son grunted and screamed; people said things. Finally we started therapy with early intervention services. Read More ...


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