April Newsletter | 2016

April Newsletter | 2016

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See How STAGES Is Lighting Up Blue!

Turn Blue for Autism Awareness: We Did!

Global Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd. Help us raise awareness for autism by changing your Facebook profile to blue, using a blue light on your porch, hanging a blue ribbon on your door, or wearing blue! More than 13,000 buildings around the world will light up blue for autism. See how Stages Learning turned blue, then visit our Sales page and take advantage of our many sale items to help celebrate Autism Awareness!

Light It Up Blue for Autism!
Autism Friendly

5 Ways We Can Make the World More Autism Friendly

By Leslie Stebbins, M.Ed. M.L.I.S.

An exciting and fast moving effort is under way to create “Autism Friendly” spaces so that children and adults with autism can feel more supported and families can better enjoy visits to the theater, restaurants, and even just going out for ice cream. More businesses are tuning in to ways that they can provide welcoming spaces for individuals with autism. Read More ...

Help Spread the Word about Autism in China
Help Spread the Word about Autism in China

By Sihan Yang

Before I came to study in the US seven months ago, "autism" was just a word I memorized when I prepared for standardized tests. I seldom encountered the word in a contextualized situation in my life, and I never concerned myself with people who lived with this word. Read More ...

Cube Puzzle Video

NEW! Stages Learning Cube Puzzles Video

The Real Life Learning Cube Puzzle Series comes in 11 different puzzle sets from animal, food, community and self themes. Each puzzle includes 6 full-color fun facts cards. One side of each card provides a solution guide for the completed puzzle, and the other side lists fun and educational facts related to the picture.

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Free Lesson Plan

Animal Card Dance Party Lesson Plan

Students will make an animal that they would most like to be or admire in some way. Students will then choose a song that their animal likes and move their animal to the rhythm of the music. Students will then listen to various types of music and choose other animals to move, following the rhythm of the song. Students will then see how different animals might interact with each other. Read More ...

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Gigglebug's Face Race

Welcome to the game of copying silly faces! In GIGGLEBUG'S FACE RACE, your goal is to copy expressions and emotions from animated characters. The more accurately you twist your expressions, the higher score, and bigger laughs you can get. The game is a truly social experience with the iPhone or iPad. It is meant for kids of all ages and adults alike.

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CDC Reports No Change in Autism Prevalence

By Morgan Manella, Special to CNN

One in 68 children has autism, according to the latest government report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the current report shows no change in prevalence from the 2014 report, the prevalence continues to remain higher than expected, said Dr. Catherine Rice, director of the Emory Autism Center. And it might be too soon to tell if autism prevalence in the United States is starting to stabilize. Read More ...

Eye-gaze Tracking May Offer Objective Tool for Detecting Autism in Children

FoxNews.com, April 1, 2016

Methods for detecting early signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are primarily observational, spanning from parent reports to clinical evaluation. But researchers at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital have found remote eye-gaze tracking technology may be a more effective tool for spotting signs of ASD. In research published Friday in the Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, study authors observed the technology helped identify children with autism from children without autism but with other developmental issues like ADHD, anxiety and intellectual disabilities. Read More ...