Community & Self Puzzle Kit


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Set of 4 Community & Self Themed Puzzles. Each Puzzle is 6 puzzles in one!! Colorful Cubes form 6 different real-photo images, each with unique pictures relating to activities and people that are important to young children.

Includes four Community & Self Themed Puzzles:

Healthy Habits Active Kids
Positive Interactions Community Helpers

The Real Life Learning Cube Puzzles includes 6 full-color fun facts cards. One side of each card provides a solution guide for the completed puzzle, and the other side lists fun and educational facts related to the picture. Taken alone, or along with the other Community & Self Themed Puzzles in the Cube Puzzle series, this is a great way to learn about the positive human interactions that build important social and life skills!

The Cube Puzzles are made from solid wood. Safety tested, lead-free paint (rather than stickers) is used to apply the pictures directly onto the cube… which means no peeling, and helps ensure durability for years of fun.

Each side of the puzzle features a slightly different pattern on the border, helping kids get the cubes all onto the correct side. And, every one of our cube puzzles within the group category has a different colored border to make sure the cubes don’t get mixed up! See how the Positive Interactions border is blue, the active kids border is green, the healthy habits border is purple, and the community helpers border is yellow! This makes clean-up much easier!

Putting together puzzles helps to develop the ability to reason, deduce, analyze, and sequence, and directly effects logical thinking and problem solving skills. Physically, puzzles provide practice for hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. In addition, the twelve 1 ½ inch wooden cubes in the puzzle are great for stacking, building and counting!