Language Builder 3D - 2D Food Matching Kit

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Language Builder 3D - 2D Matching Kits provide the manipulative and photo materials for the most common introductory ABA and Autism Education lesson - matching. The Food Matching Kit contains 16 foods and 16 photo cards:

  • 2 each of 8 different realistic plastic foods: Apples, Cookies, Bananas, Broccoli, Carrots, Corn, Orange and Bread
  • duplicate cards to correspond with each food. 

The apples and cookies were chosen specifically to compliment the similar matching foods pictures in the Basic Stages section of the Language Builder Picture Noun Cards, so you can move seamlessly to similar matching, sorting and categorization lessons. 

Language Builder 3D-2D matching kits provide the tools so you can help children meet these critical language development milestones.