Stay-N-Eat Plate

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The StaynEat plate promotes independent eating, helps children with food adversions and children and adults with diseases involving paralysis or tremors. 

STAYnEAT plates stays STABLE & NEAT while you eat. The secret is in the patented vertical rim which prevents it from tipping, flipping and slipping. It doubles as a plate guard for less mess while dramatically increasing the eating surface of the divided plate. Three compartments are very accessible by design.

Flip the plate over and it’s two plates in one. The slope n scoop dish also will not tip, flip or slip. Its Hi-Lo design keeps the high side dry reducing soggy meals. Perfect for picky eaters. If you like pancakes and syrup, take a dip, back to your mouth ends the trip. The side scoop wall easily guides food onto utensils using one hand.

Flip back to the divided side. Press the center to make it stay, lift its edge to take it away. Brilliant! It suctions so strong without suction cups. Toddlers just can’t figure it out since there’s no suction tab to grab and the edge is tapered.

  1.  REVERSIBLE STYLISH DESIGN – Non Skid vertical rim on both sides of the plate resists flips, tips and slips. It increases the eating surface and acts like a spill guard for less mess. 
  2. “SIDE 1” – DIVIDED SUCTION PLATE – 3 compartments are easily accessible. Suction is optional and super strong without flimsy suction cups! Without a suction tab to grab, it stays secure on the table.  
  3. “SIDE 2” – SLOPE n SCOOP DISH – Engineered to easily guide food onto utensils using the side scoop wall. You only need one hand. The high side stays dry reducing soggy meals. Perfect for picky eaters.
  4. BRILLIANT, AMAZING, GENIUS – 3 words used to describe “The most functional plate you’ll ever own” A game changing adaptive aid for all ages and abilities. Help yourself to eat independently and successfully.
  5. MADE IN THE USA – with TRITAN (BPA-, BPS-, PVC-, Lead and Phthalate-Free). A premium, safe plastic that’s meant to last. Does not retain previous foods or soapy tastes and odors like other plastics and silicones.
  6. Available in 2 sizes (7.5" and 9.5") and two colors (white or blue).