U-Play Mat for Education


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  • Tired of crumpled, ripped or chewed cards? We have the perfect accessory to keep your picture cards from getting damaged during therapy!!

    The U-Play Mat is a U-shaped mat with 10 clear pockets on its surface that allows a child to sit inside the opening of the “U” while the therapist or teacher sits on the outside. This arrangement creates an excellent setting for eye contact and face-to-face interaction!

    The U-Play Mat comes with 2 decks of Stages Learning Materials Photo Flash Cards -- an Animal Card Deck and a Food Card Deck. Each deck has 50 cards - 25 matched pairs so you can do matching activities. The cards are 16cm x 14cm, and on a thick and durable card stock, with a glossy varnish that can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The cards feature a beautiful photo image with the corresponding word on one side, and fun facts related to the picture on the reverse. The fun facts serve as conversation starters to help build interaction, vocabulary, and language skills!

    The U-Play mat comes with an activity guide to use as a resource for therapists, educators, parents and caregivers to organize and implement an education program using Dr. Jen’s U-Play Mat for Education with Stages Learning Materials Picture Cards. By using the suggested activities as a reference, you can help your team develop a shared language to discuss the child’s educational program and maintain a consistent approach during teaching sessions. The guide is fully reproducible, so you can photo copy activities for families to do at home.

    The Activity Guide includes 19 custom designed, reproducible data sheets. Use these sheets daily to record the child’s responses and track his or her progress.

    All of the suggested activities in the book are easily adapted to a home, school, therapeutic, or rehabilitative setting. The width of the U-Play Mat was also designed carefully to fit a hospital bed for use in an institutional or rehabilitative setting if need be.

    The U-Play Mat is a patent pending design. Additional features include:

    • Mat pockets are slightly larger than the cards, allowing cards to be placed and removed easily
    • Pockets are square so that both horizontal and vertical cards can be used
    • Mat is made of durable and easy-to-clean vinyl, making it great for classroom use
    • Card edges are rounded to avoid poking
    • There are no small parts or strings
    • Post-production samples are tested by certified third-party labs for safety
    • The vinyl mat is 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep
  • The UPlay Mat includes 100 Cards - 2 decks of 50 cards each (25 images with duplicates so you can teach matching activities).


    Apples, Banana, Cherries, Oranges, Watermelon, Strawberries, Corn, Broccoli, Carrots, Peas, Cheese, Milk, Yogurt, Noodles, Rice, Cereal, Bagel, Bread, Hot Dog, Chicken, Eggs, Fish, Popcorn, Raisins & Nuts


    Cat, Lion, Shark, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Zebra, Giraffe, Dolphin, Penguin, Sea Turtle, Fish, Duck, Butterfly, Pig, Sheep, Goat, Cow, Horse, Dog, Bird, Rabbit, Hamster & Eagle


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  • The UPlay Mat for Education comes with an extremely comprehensive, reproducible activity guide with 19 custom designed, reproducible data sheets to record the child’s responses and track his or her progress.

    All of the suggested activities in the book are easily adapted to a home, school, therapeutic, or rehabilitative setting. To view a PDF of the ENTIRE UPlay activity guide click here