Time Timer


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There’s a world of difference between looking at a clock and being able to say that it’s 3 o’clock and understanding “how long” 5 minutes is. For those who learn differently, this type of abstract thinking is even more difficult and often creates a high level of anxiety.

Recommended by Autism and ADHD experts, the Time Timer displays the passage of time with a disappearing red disk. This is a powerful tool for visual thinkers of all ages and abilities.

Adults and children with learning disabilities & ADHD:

  • Use the Time Timer anywhere to help “manage life” and develop a reliable internal clock.
  • Break big challenges into small tasks.


  • Eases stressful transitions by showing “how much longer” and “here’s what ‘5 more minutes’ really means.”
  • Encourages confidence, independence and natural talents like visual thinking.
  • Shows when challenging activities will end: “Let’s go shopping for 30 minutes.”
  • Helps visitors and new caregivers stick to the family routine.

Therapy sessions:

  • See at a glance how much time is left with no disruptive alarm.
  • Keep sessions focused and on track, and manage time in between sessions to document notes.
  • Monitor timed responses to assist with diagnoses.


  • No ticking, no distractions, no setup required
  • Optional audible signal when time is up
  • Runs on one AA battery 

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 3 inch - with protective cover that flips open to serve as a stand for the Timer
  • 8 inch - freestanding or wall mount
  • 12 inch - freestanding or wall mount