Language Builder ARIS Full Autism Curriculum

Based on the principles of ABA therapy, and adapted for the classroom, Language Builder: Academic Readiness Intervention System (ARIS) combines the tried and true Language Builder Picture Card sets with Language Builder Blocks, 2D-3D manipulatives, lesson plans, data keeping sheets, home communication sheets, and comprehensive program manual.  These tools create the most complete Early Autism Education curriculum available today. 

Language Builder Picture Cards from Stages Learning Materials have been a staple in Autism, ABA and Special Needs programs for more than 20 years. Numerous research studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Language Builder Materials in the classroom. Finally, you can get one full ABA and autism curriculum kit with 100% of the Language Builder Materials, lessons, manipulatives, and behavior management tools you need! Read more about ARIS on our site here.

The full ARIS includes:

  1. 202 Lesson Plans, in easy to use folders with materials list, objectives, methods & differentiation tips
  2. 100+page program manual with scope & sequence, data keeping sheets customized to specific lessons, home communication sheets,  reproducible activity sheets, behavior management tips & system, research basis, and more. 
  3. Language Builder Picture Noun Cards (350 Cards)
  4. Language Builder Picture Nouns 2 (200 Cards) 
  5. Language Builder Occupation Cards (116 Cards) 
  6. Language Builder Emotion Cards (80 Cards) 
  7. Language Builder Sequencing Cards (115 Cards)
  8. Language Builder Verb Cards (230 Cards)
  9. Language Builder Blocks (120 Cards, 40 Colored Wooden Blocks) 
  10. Language Builder Blocks App for iPad
  11. Language Builder 3D-2D Animal Matching Set 
  12. Language Builder 3D-2D Foods Matching Set 
  13. Language Builder 3D-2D Everyday Objects Matching Set
  14. Optional Professional Development: on-site training for implementation of  Language Builder ARIS.
  15. Unlimited virtual support via email, phone and text.

This is truly the most complete Autism Education System available. You have trusted Language Builder for years... ARIS Autism Curriculum is the next step! Learn more here.

Stage 1 Lesson Box of the ARIS Curriculum is now in stock and available for shipment. Currently available components also include Language Builder Nouns 1 & 2, Occupations, Emotions, Sequencing, Verbs, Blocks with Blocks App, and 3D-2D Foods, Animals and Everyday Object Matching Sets.  Stage 2 Lesson Box of the ARIS Curriculum will be available Spring 2020.  

You can purchase all of the currently available components for $1699.99 or you can order the complete curriculum including the Stage 2 Lesson box (to be mailed separately) and the forthcoming Language Builder: 3D-2D Vehicles, Opposites and Prepositions, and Beads, for $2499.99, a savings of $400!


$ 2,899.99
$ 2,499.99

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What’s Included in ARIS?

202 Comprehensive Lessons
Scope & Sequence with Structured Sequence Guide
1200 Photo Flashcards
64 Realistic Wooden and Plastic Figurines With Matching Cards
50 Wooden Blocks With Structure Cards and iPad App
Data-Keeping Sheets
Home Communication Sheets
Blackline Masters for Activity Sheets
Behavior Management Forms
Pre- and Post-Assessments

202 Comprehensive Lesson Folders

ARIS Lessons are presented in folders, allowing you to conveniently store a student's data sheets and flashcards for the lessons you are working on next.

Each lesson folder includes Objectives, Suggested Materials, Location, Preparation, Procedures, Standards, Prerequisites & Next Steps, Lesson Progression, Generalization, A less formal Whole-Child Lesson, Suggested Prompts, and a Customized Data Keeping Sheet.

A great deal of thought went into planning the content and format of ARIS Lesson Folders to make them as convenient to use as possible.

Each of the features listed below is carefully designed for visual simplicity, so it is easy to follow at a glance. Folders are “write on, wipe off” so you can take notes on the fly.

The Research Behind ARIS

Researchers choose to use the Language Builder Picture Cards because they are designed specifically for ABA education of children with autism and other language delays and provide a consistent tool to assist researchers in fine-tuning recommended practices. ARIS is based on years of research on autism education and on the effectiveness of the Language Builder teaching tools.

Next Steps


Provide easy and immediate educator access to the lessons and the physical teaching tools needed to meet student learning goals in the classroom, creating a clear system to advance young students with moderate to severe ASD through academic, social, and functional skills development.

Professional Development:

Make available Professional Development opportunities to increase instructor effectiveness, and ensure maximum implementation and adoption of the ARIS curriculum utilizing onsite and online training, as well as live access to nextomer service, and online access to video demos, resource library, and user community.


Facilitate parent-teacher interaction that centralizes data on academic performance, behavioral episodes, social interactions, and personalized instructional planning.