Language Builder: Emotion Cards

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  • tillywig-toy-of-year-awardfamily-choice-award-stages-learningWinner of the Tillywig Toy Award and Family Choice Award, this 80-Card set helps students identify and discuss feelings and emotions. The set features a range of actors from 1 to 70 years old, and from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

    For the convenience of the instructor, the back of each card is numbered, provides a label for the featured image, and lists suggested activities for which the card is targeted. The back of the cards with the realistic scenarios offer suggested questions and conversation starters. For example, on the playing games card:

    How do they each feel? Why to they feel that way?
    Who is winning? Who is losing?
    What might happen next? Do you like to play games?
    What is your favorite game?  How do you feel when you win/lose?

    An included activity booklet provides more detailed instruction ideas on how to build emotional awareness and social skills. Each hi-gloss card is 3 ½" x 5" and fits seamlessly into the rest of the Language Builder Program. 

  • The Language Builder Emotion Card Set includes 80 images.

    The first 40 images are of 5 basic emotions, with 8 different actors portraying each emotion. These basic emotions include:

    Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised & Disgusted

    The remaining 40 images depict individuals and groups in realistic, emotion provoking scenarios:

    Practicing Guitar Sharing Strawberries Homework with Dad
    Birthday Party Feeling Sick in Bed Building a Toy Boat
     Board Game Visiting Grandma Planting a Tree
    Leaning Ballet Building a Puzzle Mom with Baby
    Hugging Arguing over Toy Eating a Cookie
    Scarred Working in Garden Cooking Together
    Talking on Phone Sledding Looking at Family Album
    Cleaning Room Writing in School Sleepy
    Doing Homework Car Trouble Building Together
    Computer Work Sitting Alone Eating Vegetables
    At the Library Concentrating on Cutting Fell off Tricycle
    Reading Together Taking a Test Unhappy Couple
    Argue over Purse Proud of Good Work
    Selfish with Strawberries Chemistry Experiment
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  • Downloadable Instruction Manual PDF