Play Builder Vehicles with Learn & Play Mat

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We've taken traditional toy vehicles and raised it up a notch! With our learn and play map, kids can drive their vehicles around town for hours of imaginative play. This set contains one each of 8 different realistic vehicles: car, motorcycle, airplane, helicopter, boat, bus, firetruck, and tractor; and a play mat with a town map for hours of fun!

All vehicles are made from high quality, durable die cast designed to last for years. This set comes with a two-sided printed woven mat with a "town" map for imaginative play on one side. Flip the woven mat over and you will find fun facts about each vehicle on the opposite site. Learning and fun in one!


Match Physical objects

Early language acquisition begins with the ability to understand objects as distinct and separate. Before learning that pictures represent real items (picture-object correspondence), children learn to match actual physical objects. This is a regular part of developmentally healthy play.

Match 3D. Match 2D.

Next, when children master the skill of matching a 3D object to a 2D image, they understand that a 2D image can represent an actual object. Now you can use pictures to teach a variety of new language and functional skills!

Everything you need for early ABA lessons