Language Builder: Stringing Beads (Home Set)


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Stringing beads are ubiquitous in early education classrooms for good reason!  Threading beads has so many developmental benefits.  As we are known to do, we were not content with simply providing another set of wooden beads.  Specifically designed for educators, our Language Builder: Beads are the perfect tool for teaching pre-math patterning, color and shape awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creativity.  

This set of 144 custom designed, wooden, stringing beads comes with twelve stings for threading the beads through.  The beads come in six colors and four different shapes to promote color and shape recognition as well as patterning.  Uniquely, our beads kit includes 40 flashcards with bead stringing patterns for children to imitate, each card thoughtfully crafted to teach color and shape recognition and patterns  The cards depict patterns from 1 bead to 12.

The shape of the beads themselves were custom designed to help develop fine motor skills as each shape requires different grasping techniques.  Additional fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination comes from stringing the beads through the included strings.

* 144 custom designed wooden beads

* 6 colorful strings

* 40 cards depicting bead patterns from one bead to twelve