Apr 03 , 2014


Lindsey Dunn

Food Description Bingo

Lesson Overview

Using Stages Bingo sets provides children an opportunity to build various language skills through seeing and hearing new vocabulary words. 


  • Recognizing and naming familiar foods
  • Building descriptive vocabulary. Recognizing foods by description and providing basic descriptions for foods.  


  • Stages "Fun Food" Bingo
  • Real food examples such as raisins, apples, cheese, carrots, pineapples, etc. Make sure to find foods that match with foods on the cards. 


*Lesson parts can be completed together or in isolation. The parts of the lesson are meant to build on each other.

Part 1 – Practicing describing words with real objects

Show students real examples of two different foods. Start by talking about the color of the objects. Teacher can use one of the food objects to model and student can practice with the other food.  Teacher can model by discussing different attributes of the food (size, shape, texture, etc). Start by having the student provide one describing word. Try and build on the number of describing words for each different food.

Part 2 – Recognizing objects by the description

Teacher will provide student with bingo playing card. As teacher will call out description of the food rather than food name. Student will have to use the description to find the correct food on their bingo card. Continue game until student wins.

Part 3 – Providing descriptions for objects

Teacher will provide student with bingo playing card. Teacher will call out the name of the food. If the student has that food on the card, they must provide one word description of the food before they can put the marker down.  Continue game until student wins.

*Teachers can differentiate by having students provide more descriptive word.

**Assessment is built into activity.


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