Apr 03 , 2014


Lindsey Dunn

Identifying Feelings with Emotion Cards

Lesson Overview

Use Stages Emotion cards with literature to support a child's recognition of facial emotions in various contexts.


  • Learning and naming parts of the human face.
  • Learning that people carry many cues to identify how they feel.
  • Learning that facial expressions change as emotions change.



Pick 5 different emotion cards and have students identify emotion. If possible, have them explain how they were able to identify. For example, “they are sad because they are frowning.” Go through various scenarios and have students point to the flash that that would identify how they would feel. 

Possible scenarios include: 
  • Your brother or sister took your toy away from you.
  • Your mom just made a fresh batch of cookies.
  • Your dad/mom has to go away for a week.
  • Someone just told a funny joke. 
Read "The Way I Feel" by Janan Cain. Stop throughout the book and have students pick out acard that identifies how the character is feeling. 

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