Apr 02 , 2014


Lindsey Dunn

Collaborating with Stages Cube Puzzles

Lesson Overview

Student will gain familiarity with the Stages Cube puzzle through hands on exploration. 


  • Spatial awareness and hand eye coordination
  • Peer collaboration - working with others to solve a problem. 
  • Demonstrate an increasing attention span by remaining on a task until completion. 


Lesson Description 

Teacher will work with small group (2-3) of students. Allow students to have time to experiment and play with the cubes in the puzzle. Their initial thought may be to stack the cubes. That is okay! Students need to be able to experiment with materials before having them jump into using them for a lesson.

Start by going over the different pictures on the puzzle. Depending on the language level and needs of the student encourage them to labels the picture and/or provide descriptive words of what they see.

Choose one picture for the students to complete. Go further in depth with the description of the picture.

Split the puzzle pieces into two or three groups depending on the number of students. Have students individually figure out which side of the cube goes with the picture.

When students have finished with their set of cubes, they will now work with the rest of the students to put the puzzle together. Teacher may need to model certain behaviors such as sharing, looking partner in the eye when speaking, and using peers name when asking them for something. 

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